Unleash your vision with architecturally designed temporary structures

Ideal for festivals, sporting occasions, exhibitions, pop-up installations, and permanent to semi-permanent spaces. First of its kind in Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Endless configurations

Based on an interlocking building block concept and robust steel framework, Showblock allows for double and triple stacking and boasts the same floor loading as a multi-storey car park. Showblock structures are pre-fitted in the warehouse and transported to the event site, with only a few crew members, for a stress-free technical execution, high-quality delivery, and sustainable event delivery.

With endless possibilities, Showblock by Notions is a creative and flexible option for designing pop-ups, exhibition booths, product roadshows, sport event viewing decks, or exhibition mezzanines.

Highly functional, a structure built to meet your exact requirements

Showblock by Notions offers versatile temporary spaces with unique and creative architectural finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings. Our selection of clear-span glazing, double doors, and steel staircases make each event both functional and distinctive. We provide bolt-on cantilevers, canopies, signage options, and creative lighting solutions. Our structures can be installed in remote and desert locations without requiring a ballasting system.

Each Showblock structure comes with a tailored risk assessment and method statement. It is built in accordance with building regulations and undergoes full structural engineering calculations. We also provide custom electrical installations and appropriate certification.

Temporary restaurant and cafe structures out of containers
Car in a container at a event

Create your own masterpiece

Showblock can fit any event or exhibition type. Use one, two, or several blocks together to create the event journey you are looking for. The structure can be fully branded to your event theme, left fully opened, closed or semi-closed. The usages are endless, from a small pop-up in a mall to a multi-storey exhibition with different rooms and maybe, a terrace?

Let’s open the doors to your imagination.

Create your showpiece with confidence

  • Building blocks that are both modern and flexible, offering a unique alternative to traditional structures like marquees and tents
  • Easily moved and reused making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Designed to withstand various weather conditions.
  • Cost savings as the structure can be pre-assembled, resulting in quick and efficient on-site installation.
  • Structures with split levels and options for raised deck finishes, custom fit-outs, and more.
  • High quality delivery with the capability to meet tight deadlines, depending on design specifications.
  • Completely customizable, allowing for an open and closed design with air conditioning and branding options, creating a new look for each event.
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Temporary retail structures out of containers
Temporary restaurant and cafe structures out of containers

Leading the way in sustainable solutions

95% of the structure can be reused or recycled. The structures feature reusable steel frames, roofs, and components, as well as universal aperture sizes for easy re-use of cut materials. All work is completed at our warehouse unit prior to on-site delivery, resulting in fewer supplier vehicles traveling to the site.

For transportation purposes, two completed blocks can travel on one lorry, and minimal crew is required for set up. Our structures remain assembled, which is a great advantage for roadshow tours or multiple-site events. This approach eliminates the need for repeated material installations, and reduces the number of crew and vehicles required.

Limitless possibilities

Temporary restaurant and cafe structures out of containers


  • Brand Activations
  • DJ’s and stages
  • Music Festivals
  • Bar areas

Sports & Automotive Industry

  • Viewing decks
  • Showcasing vehicles
  • Product roadshows

Retail & Hospitality

  • Showcasing vehicles


  • Outdoor exhibition booths
  • Technical areas

Marketing & Advertising

  • Out-of-home activations

Retail Industry

  • Pop-up structures
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Sales Centers

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